Artistic Director
         of the Chamber Orchestra Mödling           

It is experiences from childhood and early adolescence that shape people the most.

Barbara Kajetanowicz sang the Te Deum by Joseph Haydn as her first concert performance at the age of 10, in the soprano of the church choir of her hometown, the Kantorei of the Parish Ried im Innkreis.

As a young girl standing in the front row right behind the violins, these first experiences of making music together with the choir and orchestra were unimaginably significant for her - until today.

From the Mödling Chamber Orchestra she founded in 2017 - in collaboration with the Bulgarian conductor Ivan Iliev - she rearranged the ensemble, now named Chamber Orchestra Mödling, in 2019 for the concert tour to Hongkong and Macao on the high occasion of the „Birthday Tribute Concerts for Pope Francis“, and this in turn developed into today's constellation. 

Making music at a high level, both in terms of technique, style and interpretation, but above all with devotion and inner involvement, from the point of view of Barbara Kajetanowicz, these are the true skills that are required to create a work of art.

The scope of duties of the Chamber Orchestra​​ Mödling includes concerts with a focus on baroque music, as well as in particular works by Austrian composers apart from the big names. Participation in master classes is also being planned.

Barbara Kajetanowicz - Managerin
Barbara Kajetanowicz - Managerin
Barbara Kajetanowicz - Managerin