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Barbara Kajetanowicz - Gesangspaedagogin - Wien

Barbara Kajetanowicz can look back on several educational qualifications. In addition to the BEd (Bachelor of Education) in English and Music (Pedagogical University, formerly Pedagogical Academy of the Diocese Linz) and three years of professional experience, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in IGP Singing from the mdw University of Music Vienna, and a few years later after starting a family - her son David, 29, is music producer and student at the mdw / IGP Saxophone - she graduated with a master’s degree: Master of Arts.

However, training is only of limited importance, according to the opinion of Barbara Kajetanowicz, and they only have a limited amount of information about the actual abilities.

To a large extent, it requires a natural talent to build, cultivate and maintain a balanced relationship of trust between the teacher and the student, Barbara Kajetanowicz is convinced, looking back on many years of experience.

Appreciation and respect - from both sides - and thus a relationship on an equal footing, are, according to her attitude, the most essential prerequisites in addition to professional competence, to show the talent and ability of the students the way to artistic professionalism, free of any constraint and pressure, but with a lot of patience and instinct.

„I learn from each of my students - and have been for decades“, says Barbara Kajetanowicz, lecturer for singing and stylistics at the Conservatory for Church Music Vienna without hesitation, and she happily joins in „... and it is they who keep me young!“

Barbara Kajetanowicz - Gesangspaedagogin - Wien
Barbara Kajetanowicz - Gesangspaedagogin - Wien

For many years, regular singing courses and workshops, as well as masterclasses, have been part of her educational mandate, and Barbara Kajetanowicz does not regard herself only as a singing teacher, moreover she is trying beyond that to promote the individuality of the individual personalities and to awaken their courage to be authentic.

„When I feel ‚my self‘ while singing, when I ‚give wings to my soul‘, only then can I reach and touch the audience, and teaching this to my students is a goal that cannot be found in any curriculum.“


Barbara Kajetanowicz - Gesangspaedagogin - Wien