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The love for music and especially for singing was awakened in Barbara Kajetanowicz already in her early youth.

The church choir of her hometown proved to be an ideal springboard for her solo career, and joint performances with the orchestra helped her to develop a broad musical repertoire, also beyond sacred music.

Thus the way to study singing in Linz and later in Vienna was preprogrammed.

After attending master classes (Summer Academy in Lenk/Switzerland - Sena Jurinac, Vienna Masterclasses - Ileana Cotrubas, Elly Ameling) she finally found joy in interpreting songs.

To this day, Barbara Kajetanowicz has remained true to her line, the foundation of sacred literature, acquired at an early age, makes her an accomplished connoisseur of all works in this field, and over the years she has particularly connected with baroque music.

Barbara Kajetanowicz Sängerin -Austria
Barbara Kajetanowicz Sängerin -Austria
Barbara Kajetanowicz Sängerin -Austria
Barbara Kajetanowicz Sängerin -Austria

In addition, the art song and its diverse design options for interpretation, expression and richness of timbres have become a great passion for her, both as an artist and a teacher, even though she regards the singing of art songs as the most difficult artistry.

Even if the stage critic Manfred A. Schmid ascribes her talent for acting and a willingness to play, opera concerts remain a rarity.

But she finds a home in one area: The rich treasure trove of baroque operas offers the ideal playing field for easy height and coloratura skills, which corresponds to her cheerful, lovely temperament and her almost meticulous penchant for perfection in clarity and brilliance.

Barbara Kajetanowicz Sängerin -Austria